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The sale of hemp products is very wide-ranging and embraces multiple sectors, from industry to food. This precious plant can be used to make fuels, natural medicines, skincare products and much more.

On our Dolomiti BioHemp online shop you will find many accessories, as well as hemp products designed for:

  • dietary use, such as flours, teas and oils – a tasty but also genuine cure-all for mind and body
  • recreational use: this is the case of Charas Hashish and various types of inflorescences with lots of beneficial properties
  • therapeutic use: CBD oil, pomades and other hemp products, essential for soothing more or less serious conditions

Hemp: what it is, where does it come from and what types of hemp exist

From a scientific point of view, the hemp plant is a flowering plant of the cannabaceae family.  You can easily recognize it by its distinctive long, pointed leaves; its height can range from 1.5 to even 6 feet.

Native to Central Asia, the hemp plant is now grown almost everywhere and at various latitudes. Our hemp plants are grown in the heart of the Trentino Dolomites at 1018 m.a.s.l. and that is where our products come from.

However, you can find different types of hemp. The most common plant is Cannabis Sativa, followed by Cannabis Indica, as well as minor species such as Cannabis Rudelaris.

Cannabis Sativa: effects and beneficial properties

Sativa is considered the undisputed queen of hemp, to the extent that certain classifications treat it as the only existent variant of cannabis, considering all the others as its subspecies.

It is mainly grown in warm or mild climate areas and it is particularly known for its important therapeutic properties. Our Cannabis Sativa is mainly energizing and is free of psychoactive effects: as a matter of fact, according to the law, its amount of THC (the psychotropic cannabinoid) must be virtually zero in order to be legal.

It therefore has a positive effect on body and mind acting as a real natural energy booster that stimulates creativity, as well as motor and brain activity.

Cannabis Indica: definition and differences from Cannabis Sativa

Another very widespread variant is Cannabis Indica, a robust and wild species native to very cold climate areas.

Apart from that, the main differences between Sativa and Indica are related to their properties. With Cannabis Indica you will experience calming and relaxing effects. Therefore, it stimulates meditation, relaxes the muscles and works as a natural tranquilizer.

The psychophysical effects of hemp

The beneficial effects of cannabis vary depending on the type of product. At this point, we will obviously focus on our legal hemp: the effects in this case are only beneficial because it is virtually free from the cannabinoid known as “Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabino£ “and therefore it does not trigger any psychomotor alteration.

As per law 242/16, only the sale and use of hemp derivatives with a maximum THC limit of 0.6% is permitted, ensuring 100% safety for users.  Conversely, the amount of CBD content is unrestricted, as it is beneficial to our well-being.

Cannabis: beneficial effects on our body and mind

Most of the positive effects of Cannabis come right from CBD, which is considered an excellent:

  • anxiolytic, that can relax the mind and reduce stress
  • anti-seizure agent, useful to control epileptic seizures
  • antipsychotic: it counteracts the effects of THC and is an excellent aid to mitigate mental distress and disorders
  • antioxidant, a cure-all for cleansing toxins and balancing our metabolism
  • anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agent, i. e. two of the most appreciated positive effects of light marijuana
  • antidystonic: it reduces muscle spasms

The Valuable Long-Term Effects of Cannabis

Precisely because of these particular beneficial properties, Cannabis has only long-lasting positive effects. Acting as an anxiolytic and calming agent, it promotes body and mind relaxation and enhances sleep quality, thus improving your general well-being.

In general, however, the long-term effects of Cannabis can be translated into a marked improvement in your life quality. Given the fact that it can reduce pain, regulate mood, balance metabolic functions and mitigate disorders caused by more or less severe diseases, it will make every daily action easier and more pleasant.

Immediate and restorative effects of Cannabis

Once taken, Cannabis produces immediate or near immediate effects. In a few minutes, you will regain a state of general physical wellbeing. Headaches, back pain or muscle tension will soon be relieved. Nausea, muscle spasms and stress in general will be significantly reduced.

In fact, Cannabis effects are immediate on a mental level as well. You will feel more relaxed, clear-headed, active, and often more creative.

Your mood will noticeably improve, although without experiencing euphoric states or other psychotropic effects. Furthermore, people suffering from appetite disorders will easily get their appetite back.

How long does the effect of light marijuana last?

We cannot establish with absolute certainty how long the effects of legal cannabis last. We need to take into account several factors, related to the characteristics of the user, the types and peculiarities of the product and the manner of consumption.

You can therefore experience the effects of Cannabis light for as little as 2 to 3 hours, to over 5 to 6 hours. However, the effects disappear gradually, so as to give the body and mind time to slowly get used to it.

Cannabis: therapeutic effects and positive impacts on our organism

Since the curative effects of Cannabis light have been well proven, it is often used for therapeutic purposes. Marijuana light is not a pharmaceutical drug, but it can be used as an adjunctive therapy to medical treatment, since it can relieve pains caused by more or less severe pathologies.

Among the main health effects of Cannabis, we find important benefits on the body, especially when it comes to body aches and pains. It is therefore used to alleviate the ailments of chronic diseases such as ALS, arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Furthermore, Cannabis has significant effects on the brain and nervous system, thus making it excellent for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many neurodegenerative diseases.

The beneficial effects of the different types of hemp

However, you will experience different effects depending on the type of hemp.

As for Cannabis Sativa, its effects are mainly energizing and stimulating: stress and anxiety are reduced, while creativity and even concentration abilities increase.

The opposite applies to Cannabis Indica: it produces deep relaxation, calmness and it can reduce insomnia.

Another quite popular variant is Cannabis Ruderalis: it produces similar effects to Cannabis Indica, but far more attenuated. In fact, you will only experience such effects when consuming huge quantities of this variant.

Hemp: properties and important nutrients

Cannabis does not only possess curative properties: it also contains a high quantity of nutrients thanks to vitamins belonging to the A, B (in particular B1 and B2) and E groups. Besides, it supplies many essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3 and Omega-6, thus providing a significant amount of proteins. It is also rich in fiber and minerals, including phosphorus and iron.

However, its antioxidant effects are due to the presence of substances capable of preventing inflammation and allergies.

Cannabis: its proven therapeutic properties

Cannabis has been widely used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. During prohibition, it was eventually banned, especially in the case of hemp products with high THC content.

Now, however, some recent studies have proven the therapeutic properties of Cannabis, confirming its effectiveness.

This is why light hemp without psychotropic effects has been legalized, not only for recreational but also for curative purposes.

This is why hemp use, under specific medical control, is often considered an integral part of many pharmacological treatments for severe and chronic conditions.

Hemp seeds: curative and preventive properties

Another valuable asset for our health comes from hulled hemp seeds, whose properties are truly countless, both in terms of prevention and natural care.

Thanks to the high presence of polyunsaturated acids, they are an excellent way to fight respiratory, metabolic and cardiovascular issues and much more.

Thanks to their properties, the regular consumption of Dolomiti BioHemp Seeds in the form of Hemp Flour or Hemp Seed Oil helps to strengthen the nervous system, as well as the functioning of muscles and glands. A regular consumption is therefore an excellent preventive way to keep both body and mind in perfect shape.

CBD and the beneficial effects of legal Cannabis

It would be more accurate to talk about the positive effects of CBD, rather than the benefits of Cannabis Light. The benefits derive precisely from Cannabidiol, one of the main metabolites of hemp.

As a matter of fact, it is responsible for the beneficial effects of legal Marijuana.

Hemp is well known and appreciated for its beneficial effects, and therefore it is widely used for different purposes. Cannabis Light can in fact be used for therapeutic purposes, both to relieve transient psychophysical disorders and more serious problems, but also for simple recreational use.

The many beneficial effects of hemp seeds

Only a few natural products can prove as effective as hemp seeds. Thanks to their properties and beneficial effects, they are in fact one of the best assets against cardiovascular diseases, arthrosis and arteriosclerosis. Besides, they are great for our skin and for psychosomatic disorders, such as eczema and acne.

Hemp seeds also provide great benefits in case of high cholesterol, helping to keep it at proper levels. What’s more, they also have a positive impact on the functioning of the respiratory system, relieving asthma or sinus problems, for example.

Cannabis: contraindications and side effects of marijuana light

Cannabis Light has virtually no side effects, as long as you use it in a conscious and responsible manner.

In fact, you could experience some of the negative effects of legal marijuana only in particular situations. This may occur, for example, due to an overdose of the product or its intake in particular periods, such as during pregnancy or if you suffer from a particular disease.

If you have any concern or your suffer from severe diseases, you should always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hemp products?

You can find various products, such as flours, infusions and oils; recreationa products, like our Charas Hashish and inflorescences; therapeutic, such as CBD oil, ointments and our cosmetic line.

What is hemp and what plant does it come from?

Hemp is a plant of the Cannabaceae family, originally it comes from Central Asia but is now grown almost everywhere. There are several types of hemp, the most common is Sativa, followed by Indica and minor variants such as Rudelaris.

What are the effects on a psycho-physical level?

The effects of our hemp are purely beneficial, its intake does not generate any psycho-motor alteration.

What are the properties and nutrients of hemp?

Hemp has a rich concentrate of nutrients. It is a source of vitamins, Omega-3 and Omega-6, proteins, fibers and mineral salts.

What are the benefits of legal hemp?

The benefits of legal hemp are due to CBD. It is used for therapeutic purposes, relieving both temporary and chronic psycho-physical

What are the side effects of legal hemp?

The side effects are almost non-existent, a conscious use is the key to assume hemp. In case of doubt or particular life moments such as pregnancy, ask a doctor for advice.