Hulled Hemp Seeds


Hulled Hemp Seeds – 250 gr – 100% natural

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Hulled hemp seeds


Hulled Hemp Seeds: What Are They and What Do They Contain



Besides being extremely delicious, they are a concentration of wellness. We’re talking about Dolomiti BioHemp hulled hemp seeds, a 100% natural product from organic farming.

These are hemp seeds deprived of their outer shell, which is harder and less flavorful. What remains is the soft and tasty inner core, a true delicacy appreciated both for its goodness and for its enormous benefits.


Each peeled hemp seed contains important nutrients, precious ingredients for a complete and balanced diet. It is indeed a concentration of:


  • Vitamin B, useful for maintaining optimal neuronal and cardiovascular function;
  • Vitamin E with powerful antioxidant power, capable of protecting us from the action of free radicals and oxidative stress;
  • Iron, important for oxygen transport and thus tissue oxygenation. Regular intake of peeled hemp seeds helps prevent anemia and related disorders such as weakness, loss of appetite, and fatigue;
  • Calcium, a boon for bones and also for nerve impulse transmission;
  • Zinc, essential for the proper functioning of the immune system;
  • Potassium, which contributes to muscle contraction and maintaining proper blood pressure and fluid balance in cells;
  • Fiber, valuable for proper intestinal function;
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6: peeled hemp seeds also contain an optimal ratio of these two essential fatty acids. To ensure maximum well-being, Omega 3 and Omega 6 must be present in a balanced manner, and hemp seeds are among the few foods where this occurs.


All the Properties of Hulled Hemp Seeds


The presence of such a high number of nutrients makes peeled hemp seeds rich in beneficial properties. In particular:


  • They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action: credit goes especially to vitamin E, Omega 3, and a molecule called grossamide. Their combined action helps to calm inflammation and fight oxidative stress;
  • They are excellent restoratives and are perfect in case of protein deficiency or in a hyperproteic diet;
  • They support cardiovascular function and maintain correct levels of cholesterol and triglycerides;
  • They regulate intestinal function and, thanks to their high fiber content, are ideal in case of constipation;
  • – They promote general well-being precisely because they can intervene in the main functions of our body.


Peeled Hemp Seeds: How to Consume Them


Our peeled hemp seeds come from hemp plants which, unlike traditional ones, are THC-free, a substance with psychoactive effects.. The consumption of light hemp and its derivatives is instead completely legal and free of side effects.

The same applies to peeled hemp seeds, which can be consumed without any particular limitations.

There are many ways to enjoy them, and their exquisite flavor: their nutty taste is perfect for enhancing many dishes and beverages.

To preserve their properties intact, it is best to eat them raw, combined with a variety of foods, savory or sweet. Instead, if cooked, like many other foods, they tend to lose some of their nutritional value.

They are excellent in salads, soups or creams. You can also use them to flavor smoothies and fruit and vegetable concentrates, in yogurt, or mixed with muesli.

Alternatively, you can finely grind them and mix them with flour to create fantastic doughs for cakes, cookies, but also bread and pizza.


As you can see, there are many ways to consume hemp seeds, so let your imagination run wild!

Try them yourself and have fun experimenting with new recipes, delicious to taste and excellent for your well-being.