Our Project

1 Green House, 800 sqm of organic land, 560 CBD hemp plants

Dolomiti BioHemp was founded in 2019 in the heart of the Trentino Dolomites, at 1,018 m.a.s.l., in clean and fresh mountain air.
Thanks to the combination of high professionalism, experience and deep know-how, our Start Up aims to produce and sell high quality products based on Hemp – CBD.

Our product portfolio includes inflorescences, creams, CBD oils and much more! And one thing is sure : we will continue to expand our range to meet every customer need.
Our mission

Purity. Quality. Nature.

Trust us : Dolomiti BioHemp only offers pure, high-quality and natural products. You can count on us !
Our hemp plants are grown in a 100% controlled environment : irrigation, humidity and ventilation are just some of the factors that we constantly monitor and regulate.
Thanks to the pure environment where we grow our CBD plants, the flowers have an intense and fragrant scent that enhances the level of CBD and THC.
Moreover, our Green House is 100% compliant with organic standards, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our Plants

The life cycle of hemp plants


Our hemp plants grow on organic soil from May to September, supplemented by natural nutrients and subjected to an accurate and constant pruning.


By the end of September, trichomes begin to turn amber, and after thorough inspection, in the early hours of the morning we proceed to harvest the mature plants.


Exclusively hand trimming ! After sorting the flowers according to their ideal usage, our experienced professionals trim the best buds using adequate trimming scissors.


Once dry, the clean flowers are placed in glass containers at controlled humidity, in order to enhance their scents and colors.
Dolomiti BioHemp Team

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Lorella Mich


Dominique Capovilla

Backoffice executive

Roberto Scopel


Marco Mich


Giulia Farronato

Customer and Supplier relationship manager

Mattia Artioli


Nicole Betta

Social Media Manager