Post Epilation Fluid with Hemp and Chamomile


50 ml – 100% natural – relieves redness

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Post Epilation Fluid with Hemp and Chamomile


With our special Dolomiti BioHemp hemp and chamomile fluid, reddened skin after epilation will be just a distant memory. Its composition, based on 100% natural ingredients, exploits the soothing properties of both a plant and an aromatic herb used for healing purposes since ancient times..


Chamomile, in addition to being known and appreciated for its calming effect, is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, ideal for the treatment of skin irritations of various origins. It is found in nature as a spontaneous herb or it can also be cultivated.

Hemp, on the other hand, is an increasingly common component within cosmetics because it can relieve redness, nourish dry skin, soothe itching and give immediate relief to irritated areas.


Combined together, the effect becomes even more immediate and effective, as happens in our hemp and chamomile post-epilation fluid, a real cure-all for inflamed skin.


Ours is a natural product with indigenous ingredients from our wonderful mountains of the Trentino Dolomites. This is where our Green House is also located and it is here that we organically grow our light-cannabis plants with which we make our products.



Benefits and methods of use of the hemp and chamomile post epilation fluid


The special Dolomiti BioHemp fluid is immediately effective. Just apply it to the reddened area immediately after epilation or hair removal for quick relief.

The skin will feel soft and hydrated and the redness and irritation will soon disappear, leaving your skin completely smooth.


In addition to eliminating any sensation of discomfort, our post epilation fluid acts on an aesthetic level, quickly restoring the normal color of the skin. You will not have any marks and you will be able show off the epilated areas without fear of redness on the skin. It is ideal for epilation or hair removal treatment, from wax to razor or electric epilator.


Thanks to its particular formulation, our fluid spreads easily, is quickly absorbed by the skin and is not greasy. You can apply it as needed and your skin will surely appreciate!

In fact, in addition to performing a soothing action, the fluid deeply nourishes the skin by providing all the main nutrients it needs.