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100 ml – Massage Oil with Hemp and Arnica

500 ml – Massage Oil with Hemp and Arnica

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100% natural Hemp and Arnica massage oil

Hemp oil, Arnica extract and essential oils. Here are the ingredients of a unique product, exclusive to Dolomiti BioHemp and currently available only in our store: the Hemp and Arnica massage oil, an extraordinary ointment, a true panacea for the skin and also for the sense of smell. In addition to the excellent anti-inflammatory properties, in fact, it is immediately recognized by the irresistible aroma emanating from Mountain Pine and Wintergreen essential oils.

To make this special oil we only use natural and local products. The main ingredient, hemp, comes from our organic plantation, a green house in the heart of the Trentino Dolomites. It is grown without the use of chemicals and harmful substances to the environment and fully complies with regulation 242 of 2016 regarding legal hemp-based products.

This means that even our Hemp and Arnica massage oil contains almost zero traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic substance with psychoactive effects. Instead, it is rich in CBD, another cannabinoid present in hemp, known for its innumerable beneficial powers.

All the benefits of Cannabis and Arnica Massage Oil

In reality, every single ingredient contains important properties for the skin, specifically:

CBD: excellent for reducing inflammation, it is also a precious natural analgesic. It fights inflammation and relieves pain.

Hemp seed oil: it is a precious nourishment for the skin with Vitamin E and Omega 3-6-9, these make our skin moisturized, soft and healthy. 

Arnica: it is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory and is also excellent for reducing swelling or skin discomfort.

Pino Mugo: not only it gives a delicious aroma, it also has a balsamic and purifying function for our body.

Wintergreen essential oil: an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and also has antispasmodic functions, useful in case of contractures and muscle cramps.

Use of Hemp and Arnica Oil

Due to its properties our massage oil is ideal for massaging inflamed skin and mitigating painful states.

It’s excellent in case of back pain, neck pain but also bruises or muscle pain.

The product penetrates easily, immediately giving a feeling of relief and, applied regularly, helps eliminate inflammation.

Furthermore, Hemp and Arnica Oil performs a special moisturizing function: it regulates the production of sebum and is particularly suitable for softening and restoring dry skin.

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