Hemp Tattoo cream


50 ml – exclusive formula to treat post-tattoo inflammation – vegan and natural

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Hemp Tattoo Cream

At the heart of our Hemp Tattoo Cream there is a unique formula, exclusive to Dolomiti BioHemp. Designed to treat post-tattoo inflammation, it takes advantage of the natural properties of hemp, combined with the soothing properties of panthenol.

On the one hand we have hemp, an important anti-inflammatory found in nature and used for thousands of years to relieve skin irritations of various origins. On the other hand we have panthenol, an ingredient found in many cosmetic products. It is appreciated for its excellent antioxidant action and the ability to speed up and promote tissue regeneration. From the balanced mix of these important ingredients comes a unique cream, suitable to help the healing of a fresh tattoo and to regenerate irritated skin.

Like the entire range of cosmetics Dolomiti BioHemp our Tattoo Cream is a natural product, made with extracts of hemp grown organically in our Green House at over 1000 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Trentino Dolomites. It therefore comes from green crops that do not use any type of substance harmful to the environment or the person.

It is also a cream with a high content of CBD oil, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants and known for its excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Method of application and use of Hemp Tattoo Cream

The Hemp Tattoo Cream Dolomiti BioHemp acts superficially, giving immediate relief to the newly tattooed area and forming a protective layer. It also acts in depth, counteracting the inflammation in place. Already from the first application you will notice a pleasant alleviation of all symptoms typical of freshly tattooed skin.

For an optimal result the hemp tattoo cream should be applied directly on the tattoo. The treated area should then be covered with a film to avoid contact with external agents. The application should be repeated until the inflammation disappears and several times a day, to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated.

Since this is a 100% natural product made with hypoallergenic ingredients, the risk of unwanted effects is practically nil even on the most sensitive skin.

Moreover, thanks to its special formula, the Hemp Tattoo Cream does not stain, is soft and spreads easily on the skin, without any discomfort.