Accessories and Grinder

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Our functional, useful and eye-catching accessories & grinders!

Dolomiti BioHemp does not only distribute hemp products, but also a line of accessories and grinders designed to complement our offer.

The range currently includes CBD grinders, spring jaw infusers and 100% natural t-shirts branded with our logo. However, this is a range in continuous expansion, ready to be soon updated with new articles.

We provide accessories and grinders that address multiple needs. Most are functional tools, specifically aimed at improving the consumption experience of BioHemp Dolomite products, as in the case of the Grinder. Moreover, we offer pieces of clothing that combine comfort and aesthetics. All products are intended for customers who strongly believe in our project and are seeking a design object or garment to show off in any occasion, without sacrificing neither comfort nor style.

To put it in a nutshell, we can perfectly describe Dolomiti BioHemp accessories and Grinders as “beautiful & practical”!

Therefore, they are also perfect as original gift ideas to surprise friends and relatives. Alternatively, they can be combined with our Hemp products to get a complete assortment of the best cannabis derivatives and a kit for their correct use.

Check out our online shop and discover the right accessory or Grinder for you! Unique, original and 100% Dolomiti BioHemp.