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Cannabis Light: Definition and its main varieties

Cannabis light, Marijuana light or CBD inflorescences are many different ways to indicate the same product, namely the female flowers of hemp, which contain various cannabinoids. The first one is CBD and it is responsible for the great benefits of Cannabis light. In our online shop, you can find a wide choice of inflorescences, coming from a local plantation, in the heart of the Dolomites and cultivated in a completely organic way, without using hazardous substances that can be a threat to the health and life of individuals and our environment.

Dolomiti BioHemp’s CBD Cannabis light is a 100% legal product, as per law 242/16, which authorizes the sale and use of hemp derivatives without psychotic effects. So, it includes all products with a virtually zero content of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for uncontrolled euphoric states and altered psychomotor functions.

The THC in our hemp inflorescence is virtually absent, except in very small and harmless traces.

The only effects deriving from the assumption of our product are the benefits of a natural substance, cultivated and processed in an eco-friendly way and rich in beneficial properties that depend on the selected variety of Cannabis light.

We can find three most common varieties, which are distinguished by type of source plant and effects:

  • Sativa: coming from equatorial regions and countries such as Mexico and India, the inflorescence of hemp sativa is one of the most common and appreciated, especially for its energizing properties.
  • Indica: an excellent relaxant, it comes mainly from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, but now it is cultivated in many other areas of the planet.
  • Ruderalis: it is less famous than the other two variants and comes from very robust wild plants, harvested in extreme climatic conditions and with rather rigid temperatures. It is grown mainly in Asia and in central-eastern Europe.

Cannabis and Marijuana Light: their beneficial effects on our body and mind

Hemp inflorescences are recommended for soothing body and mind tensions. The benefits come mainly from the presence of CBD, which is an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

Cannabis light is therefore indicated to mitigate painful states caused also by severe and chronic diseases and in general to maintain a good metabolic balance.

It also contributes to reduce nausea, digestive disorders and muscular tension.

The beneficial effects of legal hemp inflorescences are not just limited to the body. Thanks to their relaxing and calming properties, they can also enhance sleep quality, curb anxiety and even calm panic attacks.

Moreover, in our online shop you can find different types of marijuana light, so you can choose the most suitable for your needs.

Some can make you “stoned”: they are excellent sedatives, as it happens especially in Indica hemp inflorescences, perfect as an anxiolytic or in case of pain or strong insomnia.

Light Sativa hemp, on the other hand, is significantly less sleep inducing: it has relaxing effects but at the same time, it activates the mind, acting as an energizer. It is therefore recommended if you are under great stress or if you want to feel less burdened.

However, different species of the hemp plant are frequently crossed in order to improve their yield or properties. As a result, Cannabis light is very balanced and capable of giving a general well-being, without being too energizing or, on the contrary, analgesic. Therefore, it is perfect for many different scenarios.

Types and varieties of CBD inflorescences

Besides the kind of effects and organic components, the choice of the marijuana inflorescence is also based on its organoleptic and aesthetic qualities. Everyone can find the most suitable one for their needs but also for their personal tastes. Dolomiti BioHemp offers a very wide range of Cannabis light, characterized by different scents and beneficial effects.

We offer several varieties of fruity, sweet or citrusy inflorescences but always with a pleasant fragrance for taste and smell. Other varieties can be more bitter and intense as well.

Then we have products that expertly mix contrasting aromas where sweet and pungent, sour or delicate flavors create a perfect and unique balanced blend.

If you prefer a classic taste, you can choose from products with a more neutral and less scented taste.

The different types of inflorescences are also characterized by their appearance, which changes according to the cultivation methods and obviously the type of hemp involved. So, we do not only have different nuances, but also different textures. Some of them are bright and brilliant in color; others are more opaque and dull. Others are more compact, or lighter and more fragile.

We can therefore state that there is no such thing as the absolute best light cannabis, since this depends on your individual needs. However, as you can see, there is plenty of choice. In any case, you will always get a first class, natural and healthy product.

All you have to do now is discover the wide range of inflorescences available in our online shop and check out their detailed descriptions. Find the one that meets exactly your requirements and experience its beneficial effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cannabis light?

Cannabis Light is the hemp female flower, with a high concentration of CBD and almost no THC.

What are the benefits of hemp?

CBD flowers relieve tension in the body and mind thanks to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and relaxing properties of hemp.

How to choose the right flower?

The choice is based not only on the effects and the organic components, but also on organoleptic qualities. Everyone can find the one that best suits their needs.