A 100% organic cultivation and production of hemp-based products, 100% Made in Trentino.

That is the core of Dolomiti BioHemp, but first and foremost it represents a mission we strongly believe in: namely the promotion of the enormous benefits of hemp, known and used throughout the millennia in most fields of traditional medicine.

Thanks to inflorescences, CBD oil and other natural derivatives processed in our Green House, we are able to spread the purity, quality and high efficacy of a 100% natural product.

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The enormous benefits of CBD
and its natural derivatives

The technical term is Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in cannabis.

With absolutely no psychotic side effects, it has many beneficial properties, like those featured in all Dolomiti BioHemp CBD-based products. 

Discover our extensive selection of flours, relaxing flavored inflorescences and charas, the high-quality resin derived from hand-processed hemp plants. Not to mention CBD-pomades and especially our CBD oil, with its great anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and analgesic properties.

The flavor and charm of hemp-based
foods and drinks

Tasty but also healthy: these are the hemp-based foods and drinks of Dolomiti BioHemp, derived from our organic crops.

Our hemp oil is perfect for being drizzled on dishes as to enjoy its restorative properties. Alternatively, you can prepare leavened foods with hemp flour, a gluten-free and light alternative flour. You can also enjoy our hemp beer or experience the soothing and stress-relieving effects of hemp tea.

Hemp beauty products,
a blessing for your skin care

Dolomiti BioHemp also offers a line of hemp-based skincare products for the beauty and health of our skin.

Our anti-inflammatory hemp cream is much more than a sensitive moisturizing lotion: It is a genuine pain relief cream, a great aid against skin inflammation and discomfort. What’s more, you can also try the hemp oil-based face or hand cream on damaged skin. And what if you have chapped lips? Try our hemp lipstick!