CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum


10 ml – 200 drops- 15 mg CBD/drop- sweetened in EVO oil – THC free

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CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum


CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum: Why It’s So Special


It’s an oil derived from light hemp, containing 30% CBD and completely free of THC: it’s our special CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum. Just like all our CBD oils, it’s a derivative of the light hemp plants we cultivate in our organic plantation in Predazzo, in the Trentino Dolomites. Therefore, it comes from legal cannabis plants, meaning they contain an almost negligible percentage of THC: an average of 0.2% with a tolerance of 0.6%, as mandated by Law 242 of 2016.


Just like CBD, THC is indeed a cannabinoid, a substance present in hemp. However, there is a substantial difference: THC has psychotropic effects, while CBD does not. This is why Italian legislation only allows minimum amounts of THC, so low that they’re not even perceptible. However, CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum goes even further! Thanks to a special production process, THC is completely eliminated, maximizing the benefits of CBD.


It is, therefore, a pure product, 100% natural and of guaranteed quality.


CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum: When to Take It


CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum is one of the oils with the highest CBD concentration available in our store. Therefore, small quantities are enough to provide enormous benefits. Dosage indications are provided on each package, but for personalized consultation, you can directly contact our expert in therapeutic cannabis through the Ask the Expert page: she will explain how and when to use it.


In general, CBD has significant calming effects and is an excellent regulator of major bodily functions. It helps relaxing the mind while keeping it alert and clear. It also improves mood, sleep quality, and ease of falling asleep. CBD Oil 30% can therefore be used to deal with stressful situations or alleviate insomnia. There are several studies confirming this, including the 2019 study “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series.


Physically, CBD is an exceptional natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory (2017 study “Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Pain: A Review of Clinical Studies“). It soothes localized pain and inflammation. With such a high percentage of CBD, CBD Oil 30% Broad Spectrum is therefore recommended for particularly intense painful conditions.


Moreover, cannabidiol soothes muscle spasms and also has significant soothing and antioxidant properties. Overall, it contributes to maintaining an optimal psycho-physical state of well-being.

x 5% = 2.5 mg
x 10% = 5 mg
x 15% = 7.5 mg
x 20% = 10 mg