Body Cream with Hemp & Hyaluronic Acid


100 ml – 100% natural & allergen-free formula – moisturizes the skin

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Hemp Body Cream: all the nourishment your skin needs


Hemp seed oil, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and shea butter: these are the main ingredients of our Dolomiti BioHemp hemp body cream. We are talking about a 100% natural cream composed of plant-based products and used for millennia for the well-being of our skin.

Their properties are in fact immense and, combined together, give amazing results. In particular:

  • hemp seed oil: it is a concentrate of CBD that makes our hemp body cream unique. It is in fact a very pure extract obtained from our Hemp plantations, practically free of THC and therefore legal and full of immense benefits. Hemp seed oil, for example, is rich in essential fatty acids, trace elements, antioxidants and vitamins, all valuable nutrients for our skin. It also has an important antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action;
  • hyaluronic acid: it is already present in our body but, as we age, its concentration decreases, which is why it is a real help for our skin. It is in fact excellent for speeding up the healing of wounds, moisturizing and protecting tissues, increasing their elasticity and therefore keeping them young;
  • jojoba oil: it is a liquid wax from the Simmondsia Chinensis plant, typical of Central and South America, well known for its moisturizing, revitalizing and soothing properties.
  • shea butter: obtained from the seeds of Vitellaria Paradoxa, a tree typical of Africa. It is present in many cosmetics because it is rich in moisturizing, emollient and nourishing properties.


Cannabis body cream: so many other reasons to choose it!

Applied regularly, Dolomiti BioHemp cannabis body cream nourishes the skin deeply, making it soft and smooth at any time of the year. In fact, in the summer months it is excellent for rehydrating the skin after exposure to the sun; in winter, on the other hand, it prevents, or treats, cracking caused by the cold. At any time it is a precious source of nutrients, essential for keeping the skin healthy and protected.

However, in addition to an intense moisturizing action, our cream also has important soothing properties. Hemp seed oil, combined with the other ingredients, in fact performs an effective anti-inflammatory action, helping to relieve skin redness and irritation more quickly, including sunburn. In addition, the presence of hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin elastic and toned, slowing down and counteracting aging.

That’s why Dolomiti BioHemp hemp body cream is suitable for any age and even for the most sensitive skin. It is in fact a natural and green cosmetic, both in the ingredients and in the production phases. The hemp oil comes from our Green House in Trentino, where the plants are grown organically and with the utmost respect for the environment and people. And every detail, starting from the precise distribution of the ingredients, is taken care of by experts in cosmetics. The result is an excellent product, of the highest quality and sustainable, starting with the packaging. The package is in fact in aluminum, entirely recyclable and available in 100ml format, handy and not bulky, so that it can be taken anywhere.