Mother’s Day Kit


Hemp Face Cream with hyaluronic acid 50 ml – Hemp Cleansing Milk 150 ml


A Special Gift for Mother’s Day

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, there is no better way to celebrate maternal love and care than by giving a moment of skincare indulgence.

The set of Dolomiti BioHemp face cream with hyaluronic acid along with hemp cleansing milk is a perfect combination of natural ingredients designed to revitalize and regenerate the skin.

Why Choose Our Face Cream and Cleansing Milk

Before pampering your skin with the face cream, prepare it with our hemp cleansing milk. Its gentle and soothing formula delicately removes impurities and makeup, leaving the skin clean, fresh, and hydrated. Enriched with the extraordinary anti-inflammatory benefits of hemp, this cleansing milk not only cleanses but also soothes the skin, giving it a radiant and luminous appearance.

Our hemp face cream with hyaluronic acid is the unique combination of hemp extracts and hyaluronic acid that provides deep hydration to the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Hemp, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, nourishes the skin deeply, leaving it soft, smooth, and luminous.

This set of face cream and hemp cleansing milk is not just a gift for the skin but also an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of self-care. Cannabis sativa, rich in nutrients and skin benefits, combines with the hydrating and regenerating action of hyaluronic acid, offering a complete and indulgent treatment for your skin.