CBD 14% – THC<0,2%

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Alpine Light Cannabis Flower: A Concentration of Freshness and Purity


If you think of a scent that evokes the mountain air, what comes to mind? Probably a fresh, pure, sparkling fragrance… Well, that’s exactly what our Alpine Light Cannabis Flower from Dolomiti BioHemp is like!

The name is not accidental: it derives from a special variant of light hemp cultivated at high altitudes and low temperatures, characteristics typical of mountainous areas. Ours comes directly from the heart of the Dolomites, where our greenhouse and light hemp plantations are located, from which we extract all our products.

In this flower, everything evokes the mountain and the love we have for it. It is characterized by a balsamic aroma perfectly blended with intense and fruity notes.

It is therefore ideal for those seeking a fresh, light fragrance yet with character and unmistakable traits.


Organic and Natural Alpine Light Cannabis Flower


To cultivate our Alpine Light Cannabis Flower, we follow the strict principles of certified organic farming. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or any harmful substances to the environment, people, or animals. Furthermore, each flowering is harvested, selected, and processed by hand by us, precisely to preserve all its qualities.

Our flower is therefore a pure, natural, organic, and absolutely legal product. Like all the types of hemp we cultivate, it is light, therefore rich in CBD and a legal percentage of THC. Both are cannabinoids but with completely opposite effects: THC alters the space-time perception; CBD, on the other hand, is completely harmless and rich in benefits for psycho-physical health. It therefore does not cause side effects, although in case of doubts or particular pathologies, it is always better to seek medical advice before consumption.

The Alpine Light Cannabis Flower from Dolomiti BioHemp contains 11% CBD, which provides a pleasant relaxing effect, capable of infusing a widespread sense of well-being both physically and mentally. Discover its completely natural benefits for yourself, try it now!