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Hemp beer: what is it?

Have you ever heard about hemp beer?

Lightly sparkling, full-bodied and full of character: hemp beers are as good as the finest craft beers. The difference lies in their production: hemp leaves and inflorescences are the magical ingredients that make this drink unique.

The cannabis in Dolomiti BioHemp hemp beer comes directly from our organic plantations located in the beautiful valleys of Trentino, at 1018 m a.s.l.. Our hemp beer is brewed following the same artisanal process as for traditional beers, only with a subtle difference:  we add hemp to our marijuana beer. Considering that both hops and hemp belong to the Cannabaceae family, they have similar properties.

Hemp beer: beneficial effects, properties and features

The presence of hemp in our beer adds to the flavor, but it does not trigger any narcotic effect. Pursuant to the law, in fact, hemp flavored beer must not contain THC, a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant and known for its psychoactive effects which, associated to alcohol, become even more intense.

Therefore, our hemp beer has comparable effects to traditional beer: eventual dizziness may only be triggered by alcohol.

This means that the most distinguishing features of a hemp beer are its taste and, by extension, its relaxing properties. This is due to CBD, another precious substance contained in cannabis. In fact, it is a great relaxant for muscles and mind, since it can relieve tensions, anxiety and stress. On top of that, it is also a great anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and helps regulate proper metabolic functioning.

The roaring success of hemp craft beer

Hemp craft beer is becoming more and more popular and has spread almost everywhere in recent years, especially in Europe and the United States. It is indeed a very intriguing product at first, but soon appreciated for its particular organoleptic characteristics.

It is therefore no coincidence that even in Italy the sale of hemp beer has been increasing year by year.

More and more breweries are now making it, as well as retailers selling it. As with traditional beers, not only can we find countless varieties of hemp beer, but also different qualities. We can find top-level hemp beers and others with plenty of room for improvement!

However, if you want to taste a real Italian hemp beer, brewed only with natural and organic raw materials, opt for Dolomiti BioHemp and you will not be disappointed. Our craft hemp beer is remarkably balanced in a perfect blend of flavors that makes it truly unique. You can enjoy it as a refreshing drink, as aperitif or while relaxing with friends, but also together with any kind of dish.

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What's hemp beer?

Hemp beer is produced with the addition of leaves and inflorescences to the original recipe. It has a sparkling full-bodied character, with nothing to envy to traditional beers.

What are the benefits and features of hemp beer?

The presence of hemp in beer improves its flavor but doesn't cause any alterations. The characteristics that most distinguish it are the taste and its relaxing property due to the presence of CBD.

Why is hemp beer so succesful?

The success of beer with hemp is constantly growing, due to the curiosity triggered by the presence of hemp and its particular organoleptic characteristics. Hemp varieties are infinite and therefore the quality of the product too.