Hemp-based foods and drinks

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Hemp-based food: tasty and healthy!

Since its commercial legalization and lawful regulation, the use of food hemp in the daily diet has become increasingly popular. According to the law, only the production and sale of hemp-based food with a minimum THC content, i.e. small traces, is permitted.  This means a few milligrams per liter or per kilo, a very low percentage without psychoactive effects.

Dolomiti BioHemp hemp-based foods are therefore premium natural products, sourced from organic soils and rich in beneficial properties for your body and brain.

Food hemp is in fact a valuable source of vitamins A, B and E, fiber and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and iron. Furthermore, since it carries a wide range of essential amino acids, particularly Omega 3 and 6, it is considered one of the nutrients with the highest protein content.

That is why some hemp food products can be integrated in food preparations, eaten raw or used as dietary supplements.

No matter how you decide to use them, their properties will still be outstanding and unique.

Our main hemp natural foods are:

  • Hemp oil: a mild oil with a maximum allowed THC content of 5 mg/kg. It tastes somewhat like hazelnut and can be used as a supplement or as a dressing for salads, side dishes or any other food preparation. It should be consumed raw, in order to keep its benefits and organoleptic characteristics intact.
  • Hemp flour: it is an essential element for vegan or vegetarian diets and can be used to make excellent baked goods, and therefore many other delicious sweet or savory hemp foods.

Hemp-based drinks for every taste

By far, the most ancient hemp drink is herbal tea. Hemp teas have been prepared for centuries, because of their enormous regenerating and partly therapeutic properties. Now the sale of hemp-based beverages with a negligible quantity of THC in Italy has been legalized, contributing to their diffusion, as well as their consumption.

In addition to this, new products are being experimented alongside more traditional teas. This applies, for example, to alcohol or hemp energy drinks, which are also highly appreciated by athletes.

The selection of Cannabis in beverage is growing in our BioHemp Dolomites Green House as well. Hemp tea continues to be the undisputed star of hemp drinks. Thanks to its relaxing and calming effects, it is ideal to deal with stressful periods or simply as a remedy to sleep better and defeat anxiety.

However, if you are looking for an innovative and strong hemp drink, we recommend our hemp beer, where hops and cannabis blend in a perfect harmony of flavors: a thirst-quenching and gritty drink that brings together its recreational and healthier soul. Hemp beer is, in fact, optimal for social gatherings or as a moment of fun and relaxation, but at the same time it embodies the benefits of CBD, generating an overall well-being of body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use hemp as a food source?

The use of cannabis in the daily diet is increasingly widespread. The main products on the market are hemp oil and hemp flour.

How to use hemp as a drink source?

The oldest drink is definitely the hemp tea, with regenerating and therapeutic properties. With the legalization of light hemp, the production of hemp drinks has also extended to beer and energy drinks.