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Nappy change cream with hemp extracts

Given the fact that the immune system of newborn is not as strong as the one of adults, their skin is extremely sensitive.  Baby’s bottom and genital area are the most sensitive parts, which should always be treated with the best nappy changing cream.  For at least the first two years of their life, babies will always be wearing disposable diapers. Therefore, you need a neutral product that can prevent irritation.

In our range of Dolomiti BioHemp natural cosmetics, you can find our organic hemp-based nappy change cream, a 100% product free of hazardous substances that can be a threat to the health and life of individuals and our environment.
In all probability, you have already heard of INCI. It stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients and it is the worldwide name used to indicate the ingredients present in a cosmetic product.
Even the so-called “nappy change cream” is considered a cosmetic because, as provided for by Law n.713/86 and subsequent amendments, it does not have a therapeutic function. As a matter of fact, it is not a pharmaceutical drug and can only be applied on the surface, right on the spot to be treated.Returning to the INCI, therefore, its purpose is to ensure maximum transparency and protect consumers (in this case, parents) from the use of dangerous products. All articles must therefore carry a label that lists, in descending order, the ingredients of the cosmetic, starting from the principal one to the one present in lower concentrations.
Over the years, many substances have been banned and the black list of prohibited or otherwise unhealthy ingredients is being continuously updated. Several preservatives, some fragrances and chemically derived substances are currently included.

This is why even when choosing a nappy change cream, a good INCI is crucial. The INCI list of our nappy change cream does only feature natural products and none of them belongs to this famous black list.

Diaper dermatitis: which cream shall you use?

The most common irritation is the classic diaper dermatitis. The required cream in this case should therefore have two functions:

  • Protective function: defending the baby’s skin and preventing irritation
  • Soothing function: if your baby is already suffering from dermatitis, an adequate cream will alleviate discomfort and, if applied regularly, it will accelerate the skin healing process.

Our hemp cream against diaper dermatitis fulfills both functions. Thanks to its ingredients, it acts as a kind of protective barrier and shields the baby’s skin from external agents.

One of the key ingredients is zinc oxide, used in many nappy change creams precisely because of its properties. In fact, it speeds up cell regeneration, accelerating the healing process and disappearance of diaper dermatitis.

However, the Dolomiti BioHemp nappy change cream stands out for a unique ingredient, namely hemp extracts, derived from a truly miraculous plant that has been used for thousands of years because of its enormous benefits. In the heart of the Dolomites, in our organic Green House we grow over 400 legal hemp plants, used for the production of our cannabis products, including our nappy change cream.

Our nappy change contains in particular:

  • hemp seed oil that nourishes and moisturizes the skin without making it greasy
  • CBD oil, a cannabinoid with remarkable anti-redness, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

That is why Dolomiti BioHemp nappy change cream is particularly effective: not only does it provide immediate relief, but it also alleviates the discomfort until the dermatitis is completely resolved.

In addition, it is a 100% natural cosmetic and free of THC, a substance present in cannabis but declared illegal because of its narcotic effects. It also does not contain any petrolatum-based products, silicones, paraffins or various allergens harmful to baby’s skin.

Diaper rash cream

Hemp is effective not only in cases of dermatitis, but also in other dermatological problems associated with baby skin. You can therefore use our product as a cream for diaper rash or for a simple redness.

Again, the effects will be virtually immediate.

You can apply the diaper rash cream whenever you want, even several times a day without any contraindications.
However, since skin redness is mainly caused by diaper contact and its content, we recommend following these instructions to maximize the effectiveness of our diaper rash cream:

  • keep the irritated area clean and dry
  • change the diaper frequently and whenever it feels wet
  • whenever possible, leave the baby without a diaper so that the skin can breathe.

Also, remember to apply diaper rash cream on dry skin and after washing with water and mild detergent, or neutral wipes.

Now all you have to do is try our diaper rash cream and find out its enormous benefits!

What's the hemp diaper changing cream?

The diaper changing cream for babies is a product made with natural ingredients and free of those harmful components to health and the environment.

What's it used for?

The best cream for diaper irritation must have two purposes: protect and soothe the skin. Our cream performs both functions, behaves as a protective barrier and isolates the skin from the outside, speeds up cell regeneration and heals diaper dermatitis.

How to use it?

The diaper changing cream can be used for diaper rash or simply for redness. The cream can be applied at any time, keeping the irritated area clean and dry, change the diaper every time it gets wet and leave the baby without diaper if possible.