Hemp Lip Balm


Natural and Biologic – Nickel free – 8 ml

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Hemp lip balm: for soft and healthy lips

Hemp oil is the basic ingredient in many skincare products and it is used for both its beneficial properties and texture. It does not leave your skin greasy, it spreads easily and nourishes deeply.

In addition to skin-friendly products, on our Dolomiti BioHemp online shop you will also find specific products, like the hemp oil lip balm.

This product is a real treat in any season. In winter, it protects lips from the cold and minor damage caused by cold temperatures or wind. In the summer, but also on any sunny day, it protects your lips from UV rays and keeps them soft.

Our Hemp lip balm has both a preventive and soothing function. It prevents chapping and moisturizes the surface of dry lips. It will take just a few applications for your lips to look healthy again.

The outstanding emollient properties of hemp oil, in fact, shield the skin from irritation and inflammation. Both redness and dehydration will be prevented, the latter being the cause of bad cracks, which are unsightly and often very annoying, if not even painful. Our hemp lip balm therefore creates a barrier effect that shields skin from external agents, keeping it healthy and moisturized.

The best organic, natural and green lip balm

Our organic lip balm belongs to the Dolomiti BioHemp range of natural lip cosmetics. It stands out from most of the competitors primarily due to the presence of all-natural products, without the addition of dangerous substances for our body.

Hemp extracts also come from our organic cannabis plantations: our Green House in the heart of the Dolomites, at over 1000 m.a.s.l., hosts 420 plants, which are grown and treated 100% eco-friendly. The same applies to the extraction and processing methods used to obtain the nutrients for our hemp products.

And these nutrients can be found in our organic hemp lip balm, that draws upon the properties of this superb plant. We are talking about proteins, B vitamins (in particular B1, B2 and B6), Omega 3, and 6, which are essential substances for both the body and the skin. They also play an excellent antioxidant role, i. e. the ability to fight free radicals and thus slow down cellular aging.

Last but not least, here comes one more reason to love our organic hemp lip balm: its subtle, unmistakable scent gives it an extra kick.