Hemp oil hand cream


30ml – 100% nickel free

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Hemp hand cream: the natural nourishment for your skin

Cold, wind, water or outdoor activities can severely stress our hands, which are constantly exposed to any external agent. In this regard, Dolomiti BioHemp has developed a hand cream with hemp oil that takes advantage of the natural benefits of this magnificent plant. It is a natural product, derived from organic Cannabis, grown in our Green House in the province of Trento.

Unlike any other hand cream, our hemp hand cream contains CBD, a substance found in cannabis and responsible for numerous beneficial effects:  it is in fact a soothing and pain relief agent, which is essential in case of cracked skin or redness. Simply apply the product to the affected area: you will immediately experience a soothing effect.

Our hemp oil hand cream spreads easily without leaving your hands feeling greasy and can be applied several times a day. We recommend applying the product first thing in the morning, then before going out and before going to sleep. During winter periods, when weather conditions dry out your skin and encourage cracking, you can use the cream even more often.

No restrictions are in place and no side effects have been reported either.  The hemp hand cream of Dolomiti BioHemp is in fact a natural ointment, compliant with current legislation, which prohibits the marketing of THC products. The latter is namely a substance present in hemp, but with narcotic and psychoactive effects. Our hemp hand cream is 100% THC-free; therefore, it can be used without limitations.

Furthermore, since it is a natural product, it is also suitable for people with particularly delicate and sensitive skin. Not only does our hemp oil-based hand cream have a moisturizing function, but it also smooths and hydrates the skin, thus balancing its PH and increasing lipid status. It creates a sort of protective barrier that defends the superficial layer of our hands from external agents.

What’s the hemp hand cream?

Hemp hand cream is a cure-all for our hands exposed to external agents. Thanks to the presence of hempseed oil, the skin is smoothed without greasing, moisturized and it balances the natural pH of the skin.