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Strawberry light hemp: Definition and its main features

If you are looking for the best fruity CBD strain, in both scent and flavor, Strawberry light Hemp is definitely the right product for you. As you can easily tell from the name, the dominant scent is strawberry. But don’t think that BioHemp Dolomiti Hemp Strawberry is an immediate explosion of sweet taste. What is special about this product is the gradual manifestation of both its effects and aroma.

It will therefore leave you with a fruity aftertaste, yet delicate and slightly pungent.

If the taste is unique, the same goes for the touch sensation. Strawberry CBD is in fact rich in resin, which makes the texture a bit sticky and instantly recognizable.

The primary features in our Strawberry Hemp come from its typical composition, Sativa and Indica, which allow for a perfect balance between energizing and relaxing properties, both for the body and the mind.

Strawberry Hemp: its beneficial effects on our body and mind

Mild and balanced: these are the two adjectives that best suit our Strawberry Hemp. You can feel its beneficial effect only gradually, so it is practically impossible to detect them immediately. Slowly, however, you will enhance your psychophysical well-being and you will be ready to tackle your daily tasks or to give vent to your creativity.

Our Strawberry Light hemp also has a knack for creating a perfect harmony between seemingly opposite effects. On the one hand, it relaxes; on the other hand, it increases your alertness. You will feel your mind calm but never drowsy, on the contrary: it will be perfectly clear and productive, thus facilitating concentration and whatever activity you are willing to perform.

At the same time, both your body and your muscles will be relaxed. Tensions will disappear, contractures will loosen and you will feel rested and ready to face even hard work and intense efforts.

Thanks to these particular features and its beneficial effects, Strawberry Hemp can be consumed at any time of the day, as long as you do not exaggerate.

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