Orange Bud


CBD 11,79% – THC < 0,2%

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Orange Bud: Definition and its main features

Orange Bud is an Old School variety of Light Cannabis. It is in fact one of the most long-lived varieties, appreciated since the Eighties and never replaced.

This product is definitely filled with character, perfect for smokers looking for unique aromas and effects. These properties depend on the particular composition of Orange Bud, since the dominant hemp strain is the Sativa variety, best known for its energizing properties. It also has a high content of CBD, a cannabinoid with multiple beneficial effects, and almost no trace of THC, which makes Orange Bud by Dolomiti BioHemp 100% legal.

As you might expect from the name, citrus notes characterize Orange Bud CBD, together with the typical taste of Cannabis. The aroma is unbeatable, sweet and very aromatic, but also the texture and aesthetics are unique. The presence of resin makes it slightly sticky but still pleasant to touch. Visually, instead, it can be easily identified by its extraordinary three-color effect, a real pleasure for the eyes.

Orange Bud: its beneficial effects and characteristics

Our Orange Bud is highly appreciated for its excellent taste and its typical properties, since it immediately enhances your physical and mental well-being.

It only takes a few minutes to experience a strong boost of energy. The mood improves; the mind is more active, perfectly clear and at the same time light. It can therefore be useful to tackle daily activities with increased ease and optimism but it can also be helpful if you suffer from serious disorders, anxiety or depression.

What about other beneficial effects of our Orange Bud? It is highly appreciated mostly because it helps relieving stress and fatigue, but also reducing insomnia. These effects are not limited to a short time, but they have a positive impact on your everyday life: feeling more at ease, less tired and resting better make you more concentrated, positive and full of energy.

Orange Bud: beneficial effects with minimal side effects

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 242/2016 prescribing a maximum THC limit of 0.6%, Orange Bud contains only almost imperceptible traces of this cannabinoid, known for its euphoric and psychoactive effects.

Orange Bud CBD, therefore, does not trigger any unusual mood episodes and can be taken regularly and safely.

Wonders are often raised as to whether the intake of Orange Bud can be associated with any contraindications. Side effects are extremely rare and they usually occur because of an abuse that may cause dry eyes and mouth or migraine and dizziness.

However, these passenger disorders are easily treatable and can be prevented by adopting a moderate and responsible approach.

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