Gelato #33


CBD 7,81% – THC < 0,2%

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Gelato 33: its definition, features and aroma

If you are seeking a bold flavor and powerful natural charge, Gelato 33 is the right choice. What is it? An inflorescence derived from a hybrid hemp born in California and now produced in our Green House Dolomiti BioHemp in the Trentino Dolomites.

It is a natural and organic product, grown and produced in an eco-friendly way, in compliance with current regulations. It contains high percentages of Cannabidiol CBD, a metabolite of Cannabis with enormous beneficial properties, but it is virtually free of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC, another substance but with narcotic effects and therefore considered illegal.

Once you try Gelato 33 Weed, its magical citrus aroma filling both the mouth and the atmosphere will immediately charm you. Its flavor is a perfect mix of sweet and fruity scents, with notes of lemon and mango and an intense and prolonged taste.

Delicate to the touch, it crumbles easily while remaining full-bodied.

Gelato 33: surprising effects on our well-being

Being THC free, Gelato 33 is an herb with absolutely no side effects. Therefore, it can be consumed on a regular basis without affecting our health. Your body and mind will in fact benefit from its positive effects. The high concentration of CBD acts in fact as an excellent anti-inflammatory and natural analgesic, thus relieving pain states. Gelato 33 is therefore an excellent aid in order to reduce discomfort caused by migraines or menstrual pains but also by severe pathologies. In this case, if you are already under medical treatment you should always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

The effects of Gelato 33 are immediate on a mental level as well. Thanks to this variant of Cannabis Light, you will feel more relaxed, clear-headed, active, and even more creative.

Therefore, you will experience a great state of psychophysical well-being, which will also help you with your daily activities.

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