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CBD 22,29% – THC < 0,2%

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Charas: its Definition and fascinating Origin

Charas is a concentrate of high-quality resin derived from fresh and hand processed hemp plants. This is precisely its distinctive feature and one of the main elements that sets it apart from hashish: Charas is obtained from freshly harvested hemp, hashish from dried plants.  In addition, since Charas has limited THC and CBD content, according to L. 242 12/2016 it is legal and free of psychoactive effects. As for hashish, since it is not regulated by any law, it’s considered a narcotic substance.

The history of Charash Hash is very ancient and takes us back to northern India, where one of its most precious variants is still produced and smoked. It is widespread in some regions, in particular in the Parvati Valley and in Kashmir, whereas it is almost absent in other parts of the world.

The ritual requires it to be consumed in honor of Shiva, the Indian divinity of a branch of Hinduism.

In some areas, moreover, a very peculiar type of processing is still practiced, which is also rather long, although it guarantees an excellent quality. It consists in walking among the Cannabis plantations with leather clothes that, rubbing the tops of the plants, retain the essential oils and resin. When a sufficient quantity is obtained, the accumulated layer is scraped off and processed.

A less fascinating, but faster and therefore more widespread method is instead a hand processing one: the resin is slowly extracted, then dried for months until it becomes crumbly.

Charas: the beneficial effects of a unique scent

The aroma of Charas is very particular: since it is a concentrate, it is very intense compared to other light Cannabis varieties. Moreover, as this resin comes from fresh plants, it contains a high concentration of chlorophyll that makes it particularly bitter, although, depending on the type of inflorescences used, its taste acquires fruity notes. However, the typical dry and bitter traits make Charas CBD one of the best derivatives of Cannabis plants.

The beneficial effects of our Dolomiti BioHemp Charas are comparable to those of other hemp inflorescences, but they are amplified and differ from person to person. In general, you will experience a feeling of extreme well-being and deep relaxation.

Stress will melt away, your mind will become lighter and your mood will improve minute by minute. However, thanks to the almost complete absence of THC, you will remain clearheaded. You will not experience any psychotropic states and you will fully enjoy and be aware of all the benefits of this precious resin.

Our Charas is in fact a top quality product, totally organic and therefore harmless to your body.

How to smoke Charas

The magic of the Charas Hash can be experienced in many ways. If you want to stick to tradition, you should use the Chillum, a sort of clay pipe with a conical shape. You should insert the resin into the brazier and then lit it with the flame, using a small cloth as a filter, placed between the end of the pipe and the mouthpiece.

However, you will have to get used to it: the product contains small residues of vegetable substances, which make the burning Charas rather aggressive, especially for newbies. Nevertheless, once you have gained a little confidence, you will enjoy a unique smoking experience.

Chillum smoking, however, is a practice meant for ultra-traditionalists only. So which is the easiest way to smoke Charas? With a classic rolling paper, thus forming a joint. The resin is particularly moist so, for optimal use, shred it as much as possible, as to ensure the proper burning process. This is a gentler but equally satisfying method of appreciating the full benefits of our Hashish Charas.

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