CBD 11,52% – THC < 0,2%

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Cannatonic: Definition and its main features

The undisputed star of the light inflorescences is probably Cannatonic, long considered one of the best CBD varieties. It has exceptional properties and a very pleasant taste.

In fact, it comes from a hybrid plant 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, thus combining the energizing nature of the former with the soothing effect of the latter. This also explains the roaring success of Cannatonic: its properties are unique because it brings out the best of both strains. Moreover, since it is practically free of THC, a cannabinoid with psychotropic effects, it is absolutely safe and does not cause any physical or mental alteration.

Its aroma is also unique. Cannatonic light has in fact a musky base combined with hints of pine and light hints of lemon. A delicate but rather discrete essence –a perfect synergy to indulge every taste bud.

Beneficial effects of Cannatonic

You can find many reasons to consume Cannatonic on a regular basis, since it has a great number of positive effects.

A highlight of this product is its power to alleviate pain, in diseases of any magnitude, from transient disorders to severe diseases. Thanks to the high number of phytocannabinoids and cannabidiols, this variety is highly recommended in case of nausea, muscle tension and painful conditions.

Cannatonic also influences positively our mind. Its calming powers are in fact excellent for reducing stress, improving sleep, fighting insomnia, as well as balancing mood swings, in case of depression.

All these features are common to CBD, but they become even more significant when it comes to Cannatonic. Its greatest beneficial effects come from its perfect mix of relaxing and energetic properties. Cannatonic is indeed very calming, but can boost and clear your mind at the same time, thus improving concentration and memory. A real panacea also for daily activities.

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