CBD 11,45% – THC < 0,2%

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Blueberry: sweet, spicy and irresistibly aromatic CBD hemp


Its ancestor dates back to the end of the seventies and this variety of inflorescence has been perfected over its 50 years history until becoming today’s Dolomiti BioHemp’s improved and special version. Our Blueberry inflorescence has a CBD content of 11% and comes from our Light Cannabis cultivations at 1000 m of altitude in the middle of Trentino’s Dolomites.


But let’s take a step back in time. The first Blueberry version was born thanks to a mix of different varieties of Colombian, Mexican and Thai hemp plants. The result was a unique, extremely aromatic, spicy and rather sweet inflorescence that has maintained its characteristics up to now. Its name comes from its bluish colour and from its inimitable notes of wood and blueberry flowers, which have made this inflorescence popular and internationally appreciated.


Throughout the years, more and more raffinate and balanced interpretations of this inflorescence were created but its aroma and aesthetic appearance remained unchanged. This is why our Blueberry inflorescence is loved by true connoisseurs, who particularly appreciate its intense flavour and aesthetic appeal.



What makes our Blueberry special: effects and characteristics


Our Blueberry stays true to the expectations and stands out for its persistent and lingering nose and its unique flavour. Indeed, it is the perfect product for those looking for sweet initial hints which smoothly flow into more acidulous notes, typical of blueberry.


The choice of Dolomiti BioHemp’s Blueberry is synonymous with the higher quality of a product that is 100% natural and organically grown in our Green House. As well as all our other inflorescences, Blueberry comes from our Light Cannabis cultivation and is rich in CBD, a specific cannabinoid present in hemp plants that has several beneficial effects.


Blueberry is suited for the relaxation of muscles and physical or mental tensions. It is therefore useful to relax in highly stressful periods. Moreover, this inflorescence improves sleep quality, reduces inflammations and painful conditions. This intoxicating fragrance is completely natural and stands out for its exquisite scent.



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