Blue Cheese


CBD 9,73% – THC < 0,2%

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Blue Cheese: its definition, features and aroma

The Blue Cheese variety is a true classic: a hybrid inflorescence with a charming scent that is highly appreciated for its perfect balance.

It derives from the combination of Cheese and Blueberry genetics, retaining their best qualities. The former gives it an acidic aroma similar to cheese. The latter gives it sweet and fruity notes, mainly of blueberry and berries. As a result, the fragrance is inebriating and it perfectly blends two contrasting notes, evoking the typical taste of a cheesecake.

In the Blue Cheese variety, aroma and aspect are therefore rather unmistakable. The inflorescences are thick and compact, somehow similar to a pinecone, with a bright green color tinged with more or less intense shades.

When choosing the Blue Cheese Weed of Dolomiti BioHemp you can rest assured that you will taste a genuine product. We grow it in our organic Green House at 1018 m.a.s.l in the Trentino Dolomites, using only organic substances and methods.

Besides, just like all our inflorescences, Blue Cheese Dolomiti BioHemp marijuana is a Light weed and therefore legal. As required by regulation 242 of 2016, it contains in fact virtually zero THC, the cannabinoid causing psychoactive effects that is only allowed in very low percentages (0.2%), with maximum limits of 0.6%.

Blue Cheese: relaxing effects and creative drive

Right after Blue Cheese consumption, the main effects that you will experience come from its high CBD content.  This is another cannabinoid, also present in hemp leaves, which is highly appreciated for its beneficial properties.

In the case of Blue Cheese, the most appreciated effect concerns physical and mental relaxation, but far from a kind of narcotic effect. The magic of Blue Cheese is in fact its surprising capacity to relax but at the same time soothe the mind, stimulating artistic and creative functions.

It also helps to reduce worries and fight stress: That is why Blue Cheese Weed can also be used for therapeutic purposes. However, in the first place you should always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional in case of doubts or previous pathologies.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent aid to relieve anxiety and insomnia, restoring appetite and supporting our health. Our Blue Cheese is also a great natural remedy against pain, muscle spasms and various conditions such as migraines, backache or menstrual pain.

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