15% CBD Oil


10ml – 200 drops – 7.5 mg CBD/drop – sweetened with EVO oil

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15% CBD Oil: its properties and the definition of” Full Spectrum”

BioHemp Dolomiti 15% CBD oil is a natural, pure and very concentrated product. It contains indeed a considerable percentage (15%) of cannabidiol, a nutrient derived from hemp and better known as CBD.

For its production, we employ a special process of ultrasonic extraction that allows us to obtain a 15 CBD Full Spectrum oil, which contains a full spectrum of Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, Terpenes and many other nutrients, which are very important for both your body and mind.

This is why you should take 15 CBD oil on a regular basis and benefits from its many properties: Especially in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety and panic attacks, it provides a highly calming effect.

The CBD content of oil 15, along with all other components, is also a great pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. For example, it soothes joint pain, migraines, low back pain and is ideal for relieving muscle spasms, as in the case of intestinal problems.

Besides, it helps to lower blood pressure, keep blood sugar down and rebalance hormonal functions. It is also a real panacea for our mind and mood; therefore, it is often used as an adjuvant in the treatment of Alzheimer, depression or mood disorders.

15% CBD Oil: the correct posology

Treatment efficacy is closely related to the correct intake of 15% CBD oil: you shall always stick to proper dosage, which depends on user’s weight and the severity of the disorder. In a normal-weight adult, it ranges from a minimum of about 12 mg to 24 mg per day.

15 CBD hemp oil is recommended for mild and occasional disorders but even in case of more acute or chronic diseases, in combination with an appropriate pharmacological treatment. However, you should always seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional as CBD oil is not a pharmaceutical drug. Therefore, it should be used as an adjunctive therapy to medical treatment and never as an alternative, contributing to the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

x 5% = 2.5 mg
x 10% = 5 mg
x 15% = 7.5 mg
x 20% = 10 mg