20% CBD Oil with MCT Oil


10ml – 200 drops – 10 mg CBD/drop – sweetened with MCT oil

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CBD oil 20% with MCT oil

Among the products in our online store Dolomiti BioHemp, 20% CBD Oil with MCT Oil is the purest oil ever, with the highest amount of CBD equal to 20%. The presence of MCT makes it particularly fast in effectiveness because it allows the Cannabidiol to be more easily assimilated and in a shorter time.

It is a natural oil that combines MCT, extracted from coconut, with CBD, obtained from organically grown hemp plants in our Green House, at over 1000 meters above sea level in the Trentino Dolomites. MCT is the shorthand for “medium chain triglycerides”, unsaturated fats also known as “good fats”. In fact, compared to “long-chain triglycerides”, that is the saturated fats that we too often abuse, they are very good: lighter and more digestible, they are a precious source of energy that does not turn into body fat. Since CBD oil is fat-soluble and therefore easily absorbed into a fatty substance, MCT oil becomes perfect for allowing its best assimilation.

The beneficial properties of CBD Oil 20% with MCT Oil derive above all from CBD, present in Cannabis and absolutely legal because it has no narcotic effects. Whoever hires it will not experience any distortion of reality and will benefit from its innumerable powers.

When 20% CBD oil with MCT oil is recommended

As demonstrated by many clinical studies reported in various scientific journals, from Neurotherapeuthics to the Clinical Trial, CBD is excellent for relieving pain, soothing inflammation and regulating numerous metabolic functions.
For example, it is recommended for those suffering from loss of appetite, insomnia or even mood disorders. In fact, constant intake helps to regulate appetite, improve sleep quality and relieve depressive states, anxiety and stress of various degrees.

It is also particularly effective in the case of chronic and degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or epilepsy.

CBD Oil 20% with MCT Oil, like all our CBD-based oils, is not a medicine and therefore cannot in any way replace them. However, it can be taken in parallel with traditional drugs, always relying on the advice of a specialist.


CBD oil 20% with MCT oil: the right dosages

The correct daily dose varies depending on various elements, such as body weight, the type and extent of the problem. Of those on the market, CBD Oil 20% with MCT Oil is in any case the most concentrated so it must be taken with the right caution, without ever exceeding the recommended dosages and gradually, in order to allow the body to get used to it slowly.

This way you can fully appreciate the beneficial effects of this important natural substance.


x 5% = 2.5 mg
x 10% = 5 mg
x 15% = 7.5 mg
x 20% = 10 mg