10% CBD Oil with MCT Oil


10ml – 200 drops – 5 mg CBD/drop – sweetened with MCT oil 

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CBD oil 10% with MCT oil

As it is easy to guess, 10% CBD Oil with MCT Oil is a CBD oil present in the percentage of 10%, diluted in MCT oil which, in our Dolomiti BioHemp oil, is extracted from coconut.

CBD indicates Cannabidiol, a compound present in Cannabis that is absolutely legal in Italy. In fact, unlike THC, another cannabinoid with psychoactive effects, CBD intake does not alter psycho-motor skills in any way and, on the contrary, it helps the regularization of many functions of our body.

The acronym MCT, on the other hand, is the abbreviation for “medium-chain triglycerides”, known as unsaturated fats, which differ from long-chain triglycerides, or saturated fats. We are therefore talking about the so-called “good fats” so called because, compared to unsaturated ones, they are much lighter, digestible and also suitable for low-calorie or keto diets.


CBD oil 10% with MCT oil: pure natural well-being

Our CBD Oil 10% with MCT Oil is therefore a completely natural product, deriving from organic hemp cultivations in the heart of the Dolomites. Combining the benefits of CBD with those of MCT oil, it is ideal for those suffering from stress, anxiety or sleep disorders. It is also indicated to relieve inflammatory or painful states, muscle contractions and gastro-intestinal problems.

In fact, in recent years, numerous studies published in world-famous scientific texts such as Neuroterapeuthics, Journal of Affective Disorders or Clinical Trial, have confirmed the effectiveness of CBD taken regularly. Effectiveness that increases even more if diluted in MCT oil: in this case, in fact, the assimilation times are reduced and consequently, the benefits are appreciated first.


The right dosages and indications

In our online store there are 4 different types of CBD Oil with MCT Oil which are distinguished according to the percentage of CBD present, ranging from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20. CBD Oil 10% with MCT Oil contains a quantity of CBD therefore perfect for medium-low dosages.

The ideal dose, in fact, takes into account various factors including the weight of the person who uses it and the extent of the problem for which the oil is taken.

CBD Oil 10% with MCT Oil has no contraindications, however, for any doubts, it is always better to contact your doctor. It is a completely natural product but also very effective, for this reason it is always recommended to start from low dosages and then slowly increase.


x 5% = 2.5 mg
x 10% = 5 mg
x 15% = 7.5 mg
x 20% = 10 mg