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Grinder: definition and its use

Grinder is the English term, as well as the most common one, for a herb grinder. It is therefore an essential tool for Light Cannabis users, because you can grind and enjoy the inflorescences as you prefer, with cilum, pipe or the classic joint.

The typical marijuana Grinder is a kind of circular box. All you need to do to is to put the weed in the compartment with the sharp teeth, close the lid and turn it to start grinding.

You need a grinder to grind the active principles of hemp in order to appreciate them to the maximum and make them easier to smoke. Moreover, it is also used to obtain fragments of the desired size, according to personal taste and consumption mode.

On the market, you can find several types of herb grinders, or weed grinders, which varies according to three different aspects:

  1. Material: they range from the classic plastic grinder, cheap and easy to clean, to the metal ones, sharper and more resistant, up to the wooden ones, the oldest and now appreciated especially by collectors
  2. Size: the usual grass grinder is about 4 cm in diameter but some models are much larger. Even the number of compartments varies: the classic versions are formed by 2 pieces but there are also 3 or 4 inserts, in order to get a finer texture and also recover the residual crystals.
  3. How it works: in addition to the manual grinders, you can also find electric grinders and special variants such as the Card Grinder, which is a sort of grater.

Where can you buy a Grinder and how much does it cost?

Therefore, it is impossible to rate the best Grinder, since it is all about your personal requirements. A collector will probably tell you that the best Grinder is a wooden herb chopper. If you want a very fine powder, you will prefer a Grinder with lots of small and very tapered teeth.

Two issues regarding the Grinder still need to be addressed: where to buy it and what is the average price.

In our Dolomiti BioHemp online shop, you will find three different colors of plastic grass grinders, pocket-sized, very easy to use and very functional. They are perfect for chopping our inflorescences and are characterized by their young and colorful design, in typical Made in Italy style.

Let’s now come to the price: given the fact that there are a lot of different types of grinders, also the price can vary. The cheapest but also functional Grinders are made of acrylic. However, if you are looking for antique or elaborate grinders, you should be aware that they can get very expensive.