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Dolomiti BioHemp accessories: designed to suit every taste and need

Welcome to the area of Dolomiti BioHemp website completely dedicated to our accessories.

Here you will find a wide range of useful items that will help you get the most out of the products on our online shop, such as grinders to grind CBD inflorescences or spring jaw infusers to fully enjoy our Cannabis teas.

These tools contribute to the optimal use of Dolomiti BioHemp products and to high-quality user experience. User-friendly, they stand out for their high quality materials and workmanship that do not fear wear and tear: you can safely use them every day with no risk of damage or discoloration!

Moreover, we offer design objects, available in several colors and with the Dolomiti BioHemp logo.

As a matter of fact, we truly believe that visual appeal is also an important factor. That’s why our line of accessories also includes branded t-shirts, made in full compliance with the philosophy of our Green House. All T-shirts are 100% organic, made of natural fabric and produced under the motto of environmental sustainability.

However, our range of Dolomiti BioHemp accessories is constantly expanding to offer you the utmost in functionality and aesthetics. These accessories are also excellent both as gift ideas and for personal use.

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